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The Gear


Digi-Design Control 24

SoundCraft Ghost 32 Channel tracking Console

(12 Modified Channels)
3x Mac Pro (Intel Dual Core,

ssd system drive, 10k rpm

velicoraptor hd and

wd black r3 server class hd)

Mac Pro (Intel Quad Core, ssd

system drive and Wd black R3 server class hd)

Pro Tools Hd 3 Pcie ( 1x Core 2x Accel)

Avid Hd I/O 

Digi-Design 192 I/O
Digi-Design 003 factory plus BLA mod.
Avid Pro Tools 10.3
Avid Pro Tools 8.5

Avid Pro Tools 8.1 Hd 
Yamaha mt 400 4 track tape recorder
Realistic solid state 909 reel to reel
Emerson solid state reel to reel
Akai 1710 reel to reel
Sony solid state reel to reel

Microphones -

Blue Dragonfly condenser  microphone
Blue Baby bottle condenser  microphone
Blue Blue bird condenser  microphone
Blue Spark condenser microphone

Blue BlueBerry condenser microphone

Avantone Cv-12 Tube microphone
Sterling Audio st-55 condenser microphone

Sterling Audio St 6050 Ocean Way edition condenser microphone
Akg c414 b-uls condenser microphone
Akg 400 Perceptions condenser  microphone

Mxl Cr77 dynamic microphone

Aston Origin condenser microphone

Neumann U87 condenser microphone

Neumann U87ai condenser microphone 

Neumann TLM 193 condenser microphone 

Neumann TLM 127 condenser microphone

Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone 

Neumann TLM 102 condenser microphone  

Lauten Audio La-220 condenser microphone

Apex 420 condenser microphone

CAD Gxl2200 condenser microphone 

GA Gxl2200 condenser microphone  

Ev Re320 dynamic microphone

Ev Re-11 dynamic microphone

Shure Sm7B large dynamic microphone

Shure PG5 drum microphones
10x Shure Sm57 dynamic microphone

10x Shure Sm58 dynamic microphone
3x Audio Technica Atr-20 cardioid microphones


OutBoard - 

Universal Audio 6176 channel strip
Mind Print DTC tube channel strip

Joe Meek VC1Q tube channel strip

Joe Meek Twin Q Dual Tube channel strip  
Avalon VT 737 vacuum tube mic pre amp
Focusrite Isa one solid state mic pre amp

Focusrite Isa 428 4 channel mic pre
Blue Robbie vacuum tube mic pre amp
Dbx 386 dual vacuum tube mic pre amp

M-Audio Tampa mic pre amp

UA Teletronix LA-2A compressor

Warm Audio Wa76 compressor

Warm Audio Wa2A tube compressor

Warm Audio EQP-Wa Tube equalizer

Heritage Audio HA73+EQ mic pre
Dbx 166a dual channel dynamic compressor

Dbx 160 dual channel dynamic compressor
Alesis 3630 dual channel dynamic compressor
Korg Kaoss pad 3 effects processor

2 x Roctron 310 compressor

Dynacord ec 280 ( the first solid state echo device ever made)
Monster power pro 2500 power conditioner
2 x Neutrik low noise patchbays
audio cables by, Mogami, Monster Pro, and Livewire.


7x Akg K240 studio semi open headphones

Akg Q701 studio reference headphones
Akg K301 studio semi open headphones
3x Akg K44 mk2 studio closed back headphones
4x Sennheiser HD 280 pro closed back headphones

Beyer Dynamics Dt-770 closed back headphones
Behringer powerplay pro-8 ha 8000 8 channel head phone amp
Adam A7 studio moniters
Yamaha Ns-10 studio moniters

Genelec 1032b studio moniters

DynaAudio Bm5s mk2 studio moniters

Presonus Eris 8 studio moniters

Event Precision 8 studio moniters
Sony ss-mf400 stereo moniters
1x Pioneer cs-905 speaker system
Pioneer cs-j825q speaker system
M Audio studiophile av 30 moniters





Roland V-synth v.2 synthesizer

Roland Fantom X6 workstaion

Roland JP-8000 synthesizer

Roland MC 909 groove box loaded with supreme dance srx card

Roland SP 808 ex sampler

Roland TR 626 drum machine

Roland TR 505 drum machine

Roland TR-8 drum machine 

Roland Xp-50 4x expansion cards

Roland Hand Sonic 10 

Clavia Nord lead 1 synthesizer

Clavia Nord lead 2 synthesizer

Akai Mpc 2000xl sampler/midi production


Behringer Model - D analog synthesizer

Behringer Odyssey analog synthesizer

Behringer RD-8 analog drum machine

Akai Ax-60 analog synthesizer

Korg Triton 61 workstation/sampler

Korg MS-2000 rack synthesizer

Korg Electribe A virtual analog synthesizer

Korg Electribe R virtual analog drum machine

Korg Electribe SX

Korg Electribe MX

Korg Microkorg syntheszier

Korg Ms-20 Mini synthesizer

Yamaha Motif ES 61 workstation/sampler

Yamaha CS1x synthesizer

Yamaha DJX 1 synthesizer

Yamaha DJX 2 synthesizer

Yamaha Dx7 synthesizer

Emu Planet Phatt sound module

Fender Rhodes model 660 synthesizer

Wulitzer Centura three layered organ with Orbital synthesizer

Farfisa chord organ

Casiotone 403 electronic piano

Yamaha Ypr-20 electronic piano

Suzuki Omnichord om 250m

Moog Rouge analog synthesizer

Moog Little Phatty analog sythesizer

Midiman 3x8

And many, many more...




Waves Mercury v9 complete bundle plus signature collection

Waves Abbey Roads Redd collection

Massey mastering bundle collection

Sonnox Oxford master collection

FabFilter collection

Lexicon reverb bundle collection

Spl eq bundle collection

Izotope Ozone 4

Izotope Stutter edit

Izotope Alloy

Izotope Rx

Antares Autotune evo

And more..

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