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The Technicians

The Dragon - Producer/Executive Producer/Instrumentalist/ Sound Designer/Recording Engineer/Mix Engineer/

Mastering Engineer


Over 20 years of pro audio experience in recording, mixing & mastering, a dual member of the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy, and a Grammy nominated engineer and sound designer, Dragon serves as the head engineer for Bad Vibe Studios.
A graduate of the Audio Institute of Enginearing & graduate of the Art Institute of Houston's sound design program, perfection in production & sound is his game.

Combining all elements and techniques new & old to execute any type of recording to it's fullest  
potential, Dragon has over thousands of records under his belt in virtually every genre and style.

 Analog to digital, tape to hi-definition, A master at sound design, engineering, mixing, & mastering, Dragon has managed hundred track plus sessions to mastering two track mixes in his hybrid analog mastering studio. 


Marcus Hyatt - Producer/Instrumentalist/Recording Engineer/Mix Engineer

A graduate of the Audio Enginearing Institute, Mr. Hyatt is a master of pitch & sound. Tactical & efficient in the most complex & demanding recording sessions, his creative outlook on formulating a recording chain is his specialty. Highly experienced on software and hardware based systems, Mr. Hyatt's knowledge of audio & versatile mix style is rivaled by few. 

Jay Alexander -

Talent Acquisition/Booking  

Working with Bad Vibe Studios for over ten years, Jay Alexander has helped build relations with our ever growing artist rooster. Assisting in production and exectutive production roles, Mr. Alexander is well versed in translating artist's ideas during the session. 

Carlie Thompson - Recording Engineer/Marketing/Talent Acquisition Representative

With over 10 years of experience in the visual and audio arts, including audio engineering, painting, photography, and installation pieces, Carlie Thompson is well versed in many aspects of the entertainment business. Ms. Thompson also has a background in curating art exhibitions and several years of marketing as well.

She received formal black and white film photography and development lessons from the Glassell School of Art. She studied Art History and Geology, at Millsaps College, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Houston Community College as well. Ms. Thompson has recently received training in audio engineering, including live sound.

Her music background also consists of songwriting, field recording and production.

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